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Hello friends! Nowadays we all use social media websites. And on social media websites, everyone likes to post different types of statuses.

Nowadays boys and girls upload various distress statuses or upset status on their social media website profiles. That’s why Sad Bangla Status is very popular now.



You will find many Sad Love Status Bangla on the Internet, but in this article we are going to share with you some of the best and newest Bengali Sad Status captions.

From here you can collect Bengali Sad Status as per your choice and share it on your social media profile and use it as a photo or photo caption.

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500+ Sad Status Bangla | Best Hardship Status English

Sad Status Bangla
Sad Status Bangla

1. I pray that one will find the one he loves, because unfinished love really weeps.

2. What will I tell you today, you are very good

I’m not like me, please take care of yourself

Stay well.

Change yourself in such a way that everyone is looking for the same old you.

4. The memories you left behind haunt me every moment. Why can’t I forget you…



I have faced many difficult moments in my life, but I have never faced such a reality. Those whom I thought were their own left today.

6. Do you know who is online till 12 o’clock? Whose life is 12 o’clock.

7. Believe that I love you, you will come back to me.

8. Only they understand how painful negligence is. Those who are constantly neglected…

We’ve both changed today. One by his own free will and one by obedience.

The 10. People are silent for two hours.

When he has nothing to say. And when he has a lot to say, he can’t.

The 11. Sometimes it’s for the good of a loved one… You have to get away from him.



The 12. I want to know very much, is it not a little difficult for me …?



The 13. Whose negligence will change you. One day he will say, you have changed a lot.

The 14. I will talk as much as I need to talk to. Otherwise, the words are not worth it.

The 15. When someone realizes that you are weak on them

That’s when the chapter called negligence begins.

The 16th. Love doesn’t change, people change.

Feelings don’t disappear, time is lost.

The 17. Those who easily accept everyone are the ones who suffer the most in the world.

The 18th. Do you know the reality?

You could, too, if you were selfish.

The 19. If you were lost, I would find you.

But you’ve changed.

The 20. Here you hear,

“In this city, you have only your own shadow… Be careful.

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Hardship Status Bangla

The 21. If you were lost, I would find you. But you’ve changed.

The 22. After a few days of lying,

“Don’t put out the light of anyone’s life…”

The 23. True

– The pain of losing is a little more than not getting.

The 24. Maybe you can get a lot in exchange for money. But, the love of the beloved is no longer the face….



The 25th. I miss one so much. I can’t tell, I can’t forget.



The 26. Every time I think of him. He doesn’t even breathe as often.

The 27th. Even if the identity is short-lived. Memories left behind for a lifetime.

The 28th. The dumb cries of the middle night and the tears rolling down the eyes never lie.

The 29. I’ve never met anyone like that in my life. Who will understand me as I do.

The 30. What’s the point of loving? That’s the family’s excuse, just marry someone else.

The 31. They are very selfish, who change loved ones out of necessity….

The 32. That’s the difference…

You cry and say I love you. And I love crying.

The 32. Those who laugh more in daylight cry the most at night.

The 33. Hello dear,

These are the problems of my daily life,

Please give me some discount,

I am your regular customer.

The 34. I was waiting for him too.

– But he didn’t understand it.

The 35. Once you read about the family problem,

You won’t like anything in the world anymore.

The 36. Relationships and family are such precious things.

– Which is wasted if you do not give time.

The 37. How some stories end,

– That is evident in the middle of the story.

The 38. What a surprise, isn’t it…?

How hard it is for someone I never knew.

The 38. I was also waiting for him.

– But he didn’t understand it.

The 39. It is better to live with dreams than to live with memories. Because memories hurt people, make people cry. But dreams keep people hoping for something new.

The 40th. Who else understands… But when lost, everyone searches.

Sad Facebook Status Bangla | Sad Status Bangla

FB Sad Status Bangla

The 41. Sometimes some relationships become like this, it hurts to go away, and it hurts to be beside them.

The 42. No one forgets… The need is over… So no more contact.



The 43. The story of life is over before it begins. I may never be able to dress up again.

The 44. Everyone will hurt you, you just have to find someone who can bear the pain you can bear.

The 45. If the troubles were paper, I would burn them to ashes. But the troubles are fires, which burn me to ashes like paper.

The 46. Let me know when you need to… Don’t act!

The 47. It takes financial ability to be the favorite of the people, the moneyless person is never anyone’s favorite.

The 48. Have you ever wanted to know? Am I good or pretending to be good?

The 49. As the night deepens, the city sleeps, only the lonely mind is awake, waiting for someone.

The 50th. Sleep is a wonderful thing! If it comes, it forgets everything. And if it doesn’t, it reminds me of everything.

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